Once a client has graduated primary care, they will often need extended care treatment. Victory Bay offers substance abuse rehab in NJ at every level on the continuum of care, ensuring our clients a clear and seamless path on their journey to lifelong sobriety. 12 step programs are strongly suggested as part of a client’s extended care treatment track, with transportation coordinated with Structured Sober Living to foster engagement in these vital support programs.

Drug of Choice

It is likely that each client at Victory Bay will have a substance that they consider their “main addiction” or Drug of Choice. Whether that drug is a stimulant, depressant, hallucinogen, or inhalant, Victory Bay is able to formulate a clinical process that best addresses each client’s situation. While there are many similarities between all addictions and many clients will be addicted to multiple substances, we feel it is necessary to always diagnose a client properly and provide individualized care. We understand that life experiences of a fifty year old alcoholic and a twenty year old heroin addict can be quite different. Yet we feel that creating a bond within the Victory Bay community and empowering the clients to see each other’s similarities can be a formidable tool in recovery.

Sober Housing

Sober housing is a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment that can improve the chances of recovery through sustained abstinence during and following outpatient or residential substance abuse treatment. Sober houses have staff supervision, perform periodic urine drug testing while emphasizing attendance at 12-step meetings and group meetings. Residents must follow house rules and are typically required to complete chores, prepare meals, avoid substance use, and actively participate in house meetings; this helps develop peer support and camaraderie that is essential to recovery. Residents are also encouraged to develop and work toward goals such as completing school, finding a job, or getting their finances in order. Victory Bay encourages clients to live in sober housing during treatment and strongly urge continued stay in sober housing once treatment has concluded. It is proven that clients have much better sober outcomes while living in sober living housing.

12-Step Programs

When it comes to substance abuse rehab in NJ, our clinical staff practices a multitude of treatment modalities with its clients to ensure individualized treatment. These clinical practices will help client’s prepare to live on their own and handle issues that arise in everyday life. We support attendance and participation in 12-step meetings such as AA and NA in addition to a client’s substance abuse treatment program at Victory Bay. Attendance at 12-step meetings will be suggested to clients during every level of outpatient care. Our hope is that their time spent attending AA while in treatment at Victory Bay will become a positive routine and improve the client’s goal of maintaining sobriety once they finish the program end enter back into society.