I came to Victory Bay from a Google search and it was the best thing I ever got from Google.

Alice, December 2017

Victory bay has been a wonderful place with a fantastic supportive staff in every aspect
Helping the patients as well as supporting the family’s needs. They offer support group meetings for parents and family member you have weekly calls from your child’s counselor and anytime you need them all you do is pick up the phone and they are there for you. My family we are so grateful to AJ and his staff for all they have done to help my sons get clean and teach them there is life without drugs I cannot say enough about the center and staff I would recommend this center to anyone seeking help to get clean and sober.

Maureen, November 2017

Victory Bay is full of great employees who genuinely care about your well-being and want what is best for you. The clinical staff members are very knowledgeable and keep pushing you to be the best that you can be. The house managers care and always try to help where they can and hold everyone accountable for their actions and teach responsibility.

Nate, October 2017

I have been to numerous treatment centers, but none have been as effective as Victory Bay. From the very beginning of my stay, they were nothing but supportive. The staff kept close to me and kept me on the right track to the best of their ability. I was made to feel comfortable enough to stay; however, I was also pushed to better myself and work towards the person I had forgotten I could be. The focus on not just my drug use issues, but my family and emotional issues as well, was tremendously helpful. They go hand in hand which was hard for me to see before and had always stunted me in my recovery. I certainly fought every step of the way and it was not easy, but Victory Bay did not give up on me. They played a crucial role in kick-starting my recovery, and I absolutely would not be where I am today had I not attended their treatment facility.

Norman, October 2017

The Victory Bay staff consistently goes above and beyond to be supportive to clients and their families. They are professional, warm, welcoming and quick to respond to individual needs. We are very impressed by the level of care our loved one has received and how open the staff is to family involvement. You will sleep well knowing your loved one is in treatment with Victory Bay.

Danae, September 2017

Victory Bay is hands down the best treatment facility I have ever attended. The knowledgeable and qualified staff have never ceased to teach me more and more about my disease of addiction. Unlike some other places, when I leave group for the day, the atmosphere of recovery doesn’t stay in the group room. It continues with my interactions with AJ, Chris McGoldrick, Chris Collins, and all the counselors. My one on one therapy sessions have really opened my eyes and helped me see the man who I truly am. I would recommend Victory Bay to my own family. If you’re stuck debating whether to go into treatment, do yourself a favor and stop. Just give Victory Bay a call, take the first step of many towards a beautiful life, and overcome the disease of alcoholism and addiction.

Richard, August 2017

Victory Bay has made my transition to a better way of life fun, educational, and an all-around freeing experience. The counselors have all the knowledge it takes to guide me in my recovery. With a wide variety of therapeutic group counseling, one on one sessions, and life skills, my awareness of the disease of addiction and progress towards correcting my old behaviors has sky-rocketed. When I first met the staff members, I didn’t feel like I was going into treatment. I felt like I was welcomed into a whole other family of recovering addicts and alcoholics with nothing but love and tolerance. When it comes down to it, if you’re looking for structure, guidance, a spiritual experience, and a new way of life lead by caring professionals, you will find it all and much more at Victory Bay.

Richard, August 2017

Victory Bay Recovery Center has a knowledgeable, welcoming staff who truly care about each individual client. The center is a safe environment that is clean, comfortable and positive. Great communication and involvement, the clinical staff provides individualized treatment to each client. The staff at Victory Bay really go the extra mile to make sure every client is well taken care of. I would highly recommend this treatment center to anyone suffering from addiction or dual diagnosis!

DS, July 2017

Victory Bay has such an awesome clinical program focused on trauma and it has made such an amazing difference for our loved one (my brother). Please do what it takes for your family member as it is worth that chance. The staff makes all the difference and we cannot thank them enough!

HL, June 2017

They have a robust and individualized treatment schedule. The staff, especially the ownership, was compassionate and involved in the care I received. My after care planning was done far in advance and made me feel confident that I could leave and be successful. I would suggest Victory Bay to anyone suffering with alcoholism or addiction. Of all the places I have received treatment, Victory Bay was definitely the most comprehensive and beneficial.

Nathan, April 2017