Outpatient services, the 3rd and final level of care at Victory Bay, has a requirement of 4-6 hours of therapeutic treatment per week, which includes 2 groups and 1 individual session, usually in the evening. Typically, Outpatient treatment is a minimum of 4 weeks.

This level of care is attained once the client has completed the requirements for the IOP level of care. Outpatient level of care is usually a follow-up support. Also known as Continuum of Care or Aftercare, this level of care helps an individual identify support systems they can utilized once they have successfully completed treatment from our program. It also prepares them for stepping back into “the real world.”

This is the final phase or level of care in treatment. Victory Bay will work closely with graduating clients and assure that they are prepared to re-enter society having developed better coping skills and life skills. Each client will have an aftercare program customized for them to help plan their post-treatment life including 12-step meeting schedules, housing suggestions, healthy dietary habits and much more.

Treatment Methods

Co-occurring disorders

Family Resources

Drug of Choice, Extended Care
& 12-Step