Why Drug Court Plays a Major Role in Recovery

Drug Courts are an alternative to incarceration that focuses on treatment and rehabilitation. The goal of Drug Court is to help individuals stop the cycle of using drugs or alcohol and committing crime. It is a highly specialized, intensive form of probation designed to help the participants get on the right track back to a meaningful life.

The  consequences of active addiction eventually caught up with me (Vanessa), as they do everyone. I found myself incarcerated with no hope. Drug Court funded treatment and created structure, ultimately helping me create a new life for myself.

My journey in Drug Court began in Atlantic County with Judge Sandson. He saw in me what I was unable to see in myself in the time of active addiction. Giving back is so important in keeping my sobriety, and being able to give back to someone who played such an important role in my own sobriety was an amazing experience.

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