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Vanessa Vitolo Speaks at Rutgers University’s Substance Use Disorder Seminar

As a department who has had several residents affected by substance abuse, the Doctors wanted to make sure their future trainees know as much as possible about this important issue. They provided a seminar to their clients addressing several different

Blessings from Vic Bay

Katie Quinn, a CADC Intern, who counsels men and women struggling with their battle with addiction, has her own personal story with her addiction. Being a counselor, Katie has heard similar stories from numerous clients. “I was homeless towards the

Our Alumni Program’s Purpose

Our alumni program is very important to us, as our alumni clients are a huge part of our foundation. Our alumni program hopes to provide our clients a smooth transition from our treatment center to life beyond. We believe that

Victory Bay’s Blessing Bag Program

The Kensington area in Philadelphia is known for its growing rate with homelessness and drug abuse that haunt the busy streets. It’s evident that more and more young men and women are finding themselves enslaved in this area, all attempting

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Why Drug Court Plays a Major Role in Recovery

Drug Courts are an alternative to incarceration that focuses on treatment and rehabilitation. The goal of Drug Court is to help individuals stop the cycle of using drugs or alcohol and committing crime. It is a highly specialized, intensive form

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Young and Anonymous

Katie Quinn

“I was in and out, in and out, in and out.” The one famous cliff hanger, that always kept my attention from the stories of those who suffered. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how they

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A Letter from My Sponsor

A Letter from My Sponsor

My second sponsor, Karl B., was a globe trotter. He quit his job, sold all his belongings and went around the world in search of life’s meaning. He first rode a motorcycle from Los Angeles to South America, then off

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