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The Importance of Asking for Help with Addiction

addiction recovery center

At Victory Bay, we encourage people to ask for help when it comes to addiction. Whether you’re the one suffering or you know someone suffering, talking about it and listening to others’ stories can improve your situation.

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addiction recovery center

When we think about taking care of ourselves, we automatically think of exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating more greens. What if it was more than that? Does social connectedness play a role in self-care?

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Get Involved

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Within the rooms of 12-step programs it is important for newcomers to get involved; Volunteer to make coffee. Setup and handout literature. Become the greeter. All of these commitments play an important role within the meeting, and an important role

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Cream Rises to the Top

Victory Bay Recovery Center

Addiction can be an extremely complex issue, with various contributing factors such as environment, heritability, and/or roles within their family. What about intelligence? There have been studies highlighting the connection between addiction and intelligence, which have produced some surprising results

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