Outpatient Treatment programs provide clients with more freedom and flexibility which allows them to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and/or educational pursuits. A support network is developed in the form of individual counseling, family counseling, sponsors and support groups like AA or NA. Family support and involvement are essential!

Programs vary for outpatient treatment depending on the client’s needs and the facility, but they typically meet a few times each week for 2-3 hours, either during the day or evening. More involved types of outpatient treatment may involve both individual, group and family therapy programs as well as specialized therapy types like art or music therapy.

This type of care treats those in need of treatment for alcohol abuse and drug addiction such as abuse of opioids, heroin, cocaine, meth, benzos, marijuana, and others.

Treatment at Victory Bay

At Victory Bay, we provide a variety of levels of care to meet the needs of each particular client.  Levels of care begin with our Partial Care Program, followed by Intensive Outpatient Services and the standard Outpatient services.

After a client comes receives their clinical evaluation and initial assessment, we assign them to the particular level of care that meets their needs at that moment.  In addition to the various levels of care, we have an experienced staff who truly care about the clients.  Members of our staff have worked in the field of substance abuse for many years.  They are knowledgeable about the various types of counseling techniques and will be able to identify which type of techniques works best for each client.  After all, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to treatment.

If there are any issues that we cannot address on site, we will continue to assist our clients by making referrals outside of our facility to best suit those needs.


Drugs and alcohol can become physically addictive. Withdrawal from a physically addictive substance can cause painful and even fatal results. The goal of a detox is to systematically and safely clear ones system of any and all harmful substances which is usually done under the care of a physician and nursing staff. To ensure that a client is physically ready to enter a treatment program, it’s imperative that he/she be cleared by a licensed medical professional. For this reason, we recommend clients consult with a doctor or a medical detoxification center before choosing a treatment option.

If you feel in need of detox, call Victory Bay at 800-253-0673 and take the next step.



Partial Care is the highest level of care Victory Bay offers. It provides a structured program for early stage recovery that is more comprehensive then Outpatient, but not as restrictive as a Residential treatment program. The therapeutic care is provided during the day and evening while clients attend either from a sober living environment or living locally in their own home. The Partial Care program averages 6-8 weeks in length depending on a client’s progress and needs.

There is a 20-hour per week treatment requirement which includes two groups per day for 4 days and a least 1 individual session during the week. Each group varies based on its topics. We ensure that the topics cover a variety of areas ranging from therapeutic treatment groups, 12-step model groups, life skills groups, psychoeducational groups, nutrition and healthy living groups, etc.


Intensive Outpatient is the 2nd level of care at Victory Bay. This level of care requires 9 hours of treatment per week which encompasses 3 groups and 1 individual session and ranges from 6 to 12 weeks in length. This level of care is usually attained once the client has met the requirements to complete the Partial Care Program. Clients can also be placed at this level of care at intake if they meet the particular requirements for IOP as opposed to Partial Care. Also, if they have done some type of partial care at another program, they can start at our IOP level of care. The major focus of IOP is relapse prevention. Programs are often scheduled around work or school to accommodate client’s daily schedules.


Outpatient services, the 3rd and final level of care at Victory Bay, has a requirement of 4-6 hours of therapeutic treatment per week, which includes 2 groups and 1 individual session, usually in the evening. Typically, Outpatient treatment is a minimum of 4 weeks.

This level of care is attained once the client has completed the requirements for the IOP level of care. Outpatient level of care is usually a follow-up support. Also known as Continuum of Care or Aftercare, this level of care helps an individual identify support systems they can utilized once they have successfully completed treatment from our program. It also prepares them for stepping back into “the real world.”

This is the final phase or level of care in treatment. Victory Bay will work closely with graduating clients and assure that they are prepared to re-enter society having developed better coping skills and life skills. Each client will have an aftercare program customized for them to help plan their post-treatment life including 12-step meeting schedules, housing suggestions, healthy dietary habits and much more.


Nutritionists, yoga instructors, gym access, specialty therapeutic workshops and more.

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