Dan Nelson

Community Outreach Coordinator and Goodwill Ambassador

A Jersey Shore native, Dan has over three years working in the field of addiction. He began as a Behavioral Health Technician where he learned the essentials about dedicated and compassionate client care. That experience paved the way for his work with a nonprofit organization where he filled the role of Recovery Specialist. He would perform bedside interventions and provide non-clinical support to those reversed from opioid overdose. He is passionate about tracking and motivating clients through all phases of recovery. Lending support not only to the client during vulnerable times but to the families affected as well.

He is a dedicated advocate with the mission of helping others with substance use disorder. One of his primary goals is to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma that surrounds addiction and recovery by educating peers and building relationships throughout the community.

His other passions include running, farming, and family.

“Do what is right, Not what is easy – Scott P.